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Loose Teas


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” Two Old Friend’s With A Cup of Tea

One of them You and One of them Me.”

Afternoon tea is very popular at home, at work even with our meals.
Many have formed Tea Clubs as  well as visiting popular Tea Rooms.

Product Description Retail In Stock
Tropicana Regular Blend $4.00 0
Rooibos alternative to coffee 3
Chai Latte for coffee drinkers 0
Red Bush Chai Decaff 1
Earl Grey Decaff 0
Earl Grey Regular 4
Lady Grey Regular 2
Bloodberry 0
Pirate Chai 1
Cinnamon Apricot 0
Rasberry Chai 1
Red Bush Chai 1
Irish Breakfast 3
English Breakfast 6
Chamomile 3
Ambrosia 2
Darjeeling 3
Orange Spice 0
Dragon Well 1
Winter Storm 1
Woman’s Blend 2
Pirates Punch 0
Hibscus Breeze 0
Licorice Mint 0
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